Resort Collection

We are pleased to introduce our Resort Collection of hair accessories.

Evoked by memories of summer vacations - from Tulum to Capri - soaking under the sun, listening to the sound of the waves. Falling in love, laughing loudly, going dancing, sun-kissed and holding on to summer all year long.
This collection is tied together with vibrant color palettes, pearls, crystals and shimmers. Meticulously handcrafted and embellished in our atelier for you to collect, every piece is one to hold on to.

Sophia Beirut at Galeries Lafayette Dubai!

We are proud to announce that our collections are now on display at Galeries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall - Level 1

Visit our newest location to experience our pieces firsthand!

Sophia Beirut Team

A mini shoot for Spring!

Discover our latest drops of the season.
We added colorful rings to Les Femmes Lumières collection and new pieces to the Torsade collection.
Also the Coin collection got a revamped look.

Photographer: Hassan Daher
Model: Joanna Aoun

Sophia Beirut on Bazar Honoré

We are happy to announce that our collections are now available online on Bazar Honoré, Paris , France.

Les Femmes Lumières

We are proud to introduce our new collection “Les Femmes Lumières” modeled by the gorgeous Windy Ishak and photographed by the talented Hassan Daher.
This collection is a tribute to the french fashion of the 18th century known as “Le Siècle des lumières” or “The Age of Enlightenment “. This era not only advocated democracy, individual liberty and freedom of expression but mostly was the origin of feminism and gender quality in Europe.
With this collection, made by hand from 18 carat gold plated brass using freshwater pearls and crystals by Swarovski, we celebrate the fire, courage and sophisticated style of women.

Hope you like it as much as we do!
SB Team

New Alert!

Sophia Beirut has a new Instagram account. Stay connected and find our latest drops and daily news on @sophia_beirut

Sophia Beirut for Annahar Newspaper

اكتشف كيف دخلت صوفيا أبي شاهين عالم التصميم قبل خمس سنوات ، حيث أطلقت علامتها التجارية "صوفيا بيروت" في هذه المقابلة الخاصة مع النهار

Find out how Sophia Abi Chahine entered the world of design five years ago, launching her brand "Sophia Beirut" in this private interview with Annahar.

Shooting time!

Surprise! We have decided to revamp our website with a brand new photoshoot featuring the beautiful Jana Bassam and the talented photographer Ray Chehab.
We went with very neutral and natural fresh makeup, amazingly done by the one and only Emmanuelle from Dior Team.
The hairstyle was almost like 'i did it myself' kind of look, greatly achieved by the lovely Khalil from Khalil Hair Stylist.

Hope you guys like it!

SB Team

Sophia's Big Day

Just like a fairytale!

Saturday 3rd of July 2021, under the olives trees, around infinite vineyards and a breeze of warm summer air, Sophie tied the knot in Ixsir; a beautiful venue in the town of Batroun, Lebanon.
She said YES to the love of her life, during a stunning and emotional outdoor ceremony, surrounded by her best friends and close family.

Read more here

مؤسسة مجوهرات صوفيا بيروت: الذهب لون الثراء والعاطفة والمرأة هي محور أعمالي

كيف بدأت قصة صوفيا بيروت ؟ وكيف أدت الصدفة دوراً في اكتشاف موهبتها وتحولها إلى المجال الاحترافي ؟ الكثير من الأسئلة طرحت لصوفيا في مقابلتها الخاصة مع مجلة غير

L'Orient-Le Jour - Sophia Beirut et l’art de décliner le joujou en bijou

" Des ornements souriants, presque kitsch, qu’on a l’impression d’avoir toujours eus et vus, peut-être même sur une poupée ou dans une de ces vieilles boîtes à biscuits en fer blanc où se bousculent boutons et babioles oubliées " Fifi Abou Dib 

L'Orient-Le Jour Interview
JAMALOUKI MAG - مقابلة خاصة مع مؤسِسة صوفيا بيروت الخاصة بتصميم المجوهرات

كاميلا أشوروفا : كيف تأسّست هذهالعلامة ؟ ما هو مصدر الوحي لديها؟ هذه الأسئلة وغيرها الكثير طرحناها في هذه المقابلة الخاصة التي أجريناها مع مؤسسة صوفيا بيروت.

Jamalouki MAG Interview
Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon

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