Sophia's Story

Sophia's Story

Sophia Beirut is a fashion label that came to life in 2016. In an attempt to make earrings for her friend, the designer Sophia created what she didn’t know would be the first piece of her collection.

Gathering inspiration from all things beautiful around her, such as travels, people, nature, timeless icons and indigenous artwork.
Sophia designs every unique piece through a fusion of materials and elements.

Every Sophia Beirut piece is intricately handcrafted from carefully curated, top quality materials that are sourced from various cities. The focus of each collection is the wonderful women that find a connection with the brand; the modern women with a timeless style.

Our team would like to thank you for loving our pieces and being part of our journey. We are as passionate about creating each item as we are about seeing how you beautiful women style them.

Love xx
Sophia Beirut.