Sophia Abi Chahine, a young, ambitious & modern woman and the creative director and designer of Sophia Beirut sought to develop a brand that not only represents who she is as a woman, but who she aspires to be.

And so began the story of Sophia Beirut in 2016 , an accessible luxury jewelry label, conceived out of Sophia’s ambition to create a tool for the women around her to feel empowered and in turn empower others. Being born in France, Sophia aimed to create a brand that merges her experience growing up in one of the most renowned cultural & artistic hubs, all while celebrating her heritage as an Arab woman & supporting the local artisanship of her homeland; Beirut. 

Each collection tells a unique story, driven by vast inspirations but serving the same purpose – to ensure that the women who wear these designs feel and look their absolute best.

It has been an incredible journey so far and we still have a long way to go. 

We look forward to creating more beautiful memories with you!

- Operating under the License Sophie A FZE in the United Arab Emirates -